Friday, November 5, 2010

Business Notes: Short and Sweet

I am getting real custom orders from real people I don't know!  Exciting!  It's a great feeling to build business relationships with people all over the globe.  It does, however, remind me that I do indeed own my own business.

That's really amazing!  I am one of the Small Business Owners of America!

Which means that when it is time to do my taxes...  

So before the holiday season hits and hopefully we are all swamped with orders, let me pose a question:  How do you deal with your finances?  Do you have Quicktime?  Do you hire a CPA?  Or are you just really organized and great at math?

Have a crafty weekend!


  1. I don't know how the States works for taxes but here in Ontario, Canada, you don't have to "legally" become a business or claim taxes till you make I believe 500$ a month avg.

  2. That certainly sounds easier to manage! I don't know what the limit is here, but I think it is by year and not month. Right now, I'm juggling receipts and trying to figure out when I'll break even :)