Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New listings today!

I finally listed all of my journals from the Hawthorne Street Fair!  Whew!

See them in the shop!

New Journals!

I am listing new journals throughout the day today.  Check in now, or check in later.

Tuesday Treasury!

This week, I'm featuring mathematically inspired pieces.  Da Vinci and Escher were masters of marrying science and art, and many etsy sellers are following in their footsteps.  Check out these items (and shops)!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm a-stinkin' at the bloggin'.

So, right.  I was gonna write here, like, lots more than I do.  Summer was busy!  

I know.  That's no excuse.  

1.  I made my first sale!  To my mother, but it's still a sale.  My parents went to Alaska and my mother wanted a journal with pictures from the trip on the front.  Done.  For a custom journal, please send a private alchemy request for options and pricing.

2.  The Hawthorne Street Fair was not exactly as fruitful as I had hoped, but we met some great people and learned from the experience.  Lesson: 98 degrees is very hot for an outdoor event.  I made another pity sale to my roommate's parents, but it's still a sale.  We all have to start somewhere, right?

3.  I'm a proud member of PDXEtsy.  It's exciting to meet people face-to-face.  There are some amazing artists here in Portland.  

4.  I have a twitter account.  You can follow me @writeowldesigns.

And hopefully I will be more diligent in my blogging in the future.  I have to take myself seriously as a business woman, after all!