Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Treasury

by creativeapples photography, $15.00
I Love You, Cupcake is my newest treasury on Etsy. I would love to post an image of that treasury here, but I am not sure how to do that without taking a screen shot and editing it and then importing it. How do people do those cool treasuries in their blogs where you can click on a picture and it takes you to the item's page?

I feel technologically challenged.

Please do check out the new treasury.


  1. Haha, I have no idea either:(
    Lovely treasury though!

  2. thank you for featuring my cupcake as a representation of your treasury (btw-- GORGEOUS treasury--I feel my diet going out of the window as I look at it **smile** )

    I think you may be able to have a widget that adds the treasury to your blog? I don't use blogger so I'm not sure... I hope you're able to get the help you need-- I would love to see your treasuries in your blog!!!!

  3. Beautiful treasury - thanks for sharing!

    There's an Etsy hack here http://www.whalesharkwebsites.com/tools/treasury.php that you can use to create the code for the clickable treasuries! It's really easey-peasey to use as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Since your blog is narrow - pick the "tiny" option! Good Luck!

    Mysticwynd on Etsy
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