Friday, October 22, 2010

My First Trade!

Trading with other Etsy sellers is not only fun, it is a great way to get ideas for your own shop and to build relationships with your peers.

This week Blue Eyed Night Owl and I made a swap.  What a great experience!  She made me a custom bookmark/headband in exchange for a custom journal.  The journal became more exciting to work on the more I got to know her.  It felt like I was making a special gift for a close friend.  Plus, her journal is the first of my items to be shipped internationally!

The owl bookmark she made me is so cute!  I'm sure my books and I will wear it often.  The handwritten note that arrived with it was a nice personal touch, and she included a bonus brooch since I was her 50th customer.  Visit her shop--I'm sure you'll see something you'll like.

And if you've never done a trade, I highly recommend it!

The picture is crummy, but I hope you can see my excellent new headband/bookmark!  Thanks, Laura!


  1. I just love your shop and blog! Very nice! xoxoxxox

  2. Thanks so much for checking it out! I love your shop, too! Especially the toadstools.